Adastra Charity Bazaar 2022

This year the Adastra Christmas Charity Bazaar was a heartwarming event that brought the Adastrans together in the spirit of giving and kindness.  Held in December, the highlight of the [...]

How Our Newbies Become Adastrans

Anyone, who has ever started a new job, can appreciate how difficult it is to get “settled in.” So much information to absorb, so many new rules, systems, and workarounds [...]

Support for Ukrainian Refugees

We care what happens in the world and on the territory of Bulgaria as well. Unfortunately, what is happening in Ukraine has led to many people looking for safety in [...]

A Company-Wide Soft Skills Training Delivered

We successfully completed a company-wide soft skills training program for all Adastra consultants and leaders called “Winning interaction in а consulting profile“. It has been focused on sharpening communication skills, [...]

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