Valery Penev presented our company at the recent SEETEST 2023 conference in Bucharest.  

He is one of our QA Masters with more than 10 years of experience and shared valuable insights from his hands-on knowledge at the largest software testing conference in the region—SEETEST 2023, which took place in Bucharest, Romania!  

Now, Valery will share more details about his participation at the conference. 

Valery, what impressions do you have from the conference? 

It was a pleasure to be an ambassador for our company at such a prestigious event. 

The SEETEST 2023 conference provided an amazing platform to connect with industry leaders and gain valuable insights on the latest trends. 

The atmosphere at the conference was amazing. 

The enthusiasm and passion of the fellow participants was contagious, and I had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange great ideas. 

Your topic title grabbed everyone’s attention and we think the content is equally good and interesting! Could you share a little more about the “Jedi Way of QA Testing”? 

In summary, the Jedi way of QA testing is a holistic approach to software testing emphasizing the importance of intuition, mindfulness, continuous learning, collaboration, and quality. 

By adopting these principles, testers can create a culture of excellence and ensure that the software they test is of the highest quality possible. 

“In a galaxy far, far away, there is an ongoing battle between the forces of production systems and the nefarious bugs that plague their systems. The Jedi of Quality Assurance use their skills to wield the power of the force and defend against the bugs that seek to wreak havoc. They can detect and eliminate even the most elusive bugs with their keen senses and unwavering focus. But as technology advances, so does the dark side of the bugs – evolving and adapting to resist detection. In the lecture, I am exploring the universe of QA testing, examining the tools and techniques used to keep bugs at bay.. May the bugs be with you!” 


You are one of our experienced professionals that always improving and handling tough tasks with ease. Your latest article got selected for “Quality Matters” Magazine, where you discuss the “7 Habits of a Successful QA”. It looks great, but we are curious about your personal habits that make you successful.  

My personal weapon is the mindset. The foundation of all good habits is the mindset! With a proper attitude, you will become a key player. Before creating any patterns, you first have to open your perspective. Here is the starting point. Have a growth mindset, and you will grow. Like they say, new attitude, new results. 

I’ve embraced the “Better than Yesterday” strategy, which means I’m committed to making incremental improvements in my work every day. By consistently striving to be a little better than I was the day before, I’m working towards continuous personal growth and progress. The article has the perfect start if you are wondering what habits will be helpful for your career. 

We assume that you have more interesting appearances to come, so we can only look forward to what’s new around you. 😊  


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