At Adastra Bulgaria, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture of continuous growth and excellence. To reinforce this commitment, we have initiated a development program “Lead 4 Impact”. Tailored specifically to the dynamic needs of our Talent Managers, this program integrates both soft and hard skills essential for effective leadership.

Fifty of our Talent Managers and Practice Leads have actively participated in training modules that delve into critical areas of leadership, including Adastra’s Business Model, Performance Management, Coaching Skills, Employee Retention, and Learning and competency development.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end here. We eagerly anticipate the next modules that will further enhance the capabilities of our managers. We plan to continue with sessions on remote people management that aim to empower our leaders with the skills needed in an evolving work landscape. Additionally, we will work on a Consultancy Skills module that will focus on creating a trustful relationship between our consultants and clients.

As part of the second phase of the program, we are planning more hard skills-oriented modules focused on project management and financial management.

“Our training is built on coaching practices and methodologies that predispose our talent managers to support each other, share resources and find solutions together to the faced challenges. We believe in the potential of people and know that they have the necessary skills, knowledge and capacity to handle any situation. Our role is only to support them by giving them different tools and structures.” – Ognyan Guglev (Adastra Academy Lead).

Milka Racheva (Head of HR, Adastra Bulgaria), who facilitates some of the modules, shares, “This bite-sized training is structured in several segments, enabling participants to review their current approaches. In an environment of peers, they can discuss different options, share practical experiences, re-evaluate their current beliefs, and look at them from a fresh perspective.”

Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting journey! Visit our Adastra Academy page to explore our learning initiatives and discover how you can contribute to our dynamic team.


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