This year, Adastra celebrated 15 years in Bulgaria.
Years filled with unforgettable moments, growth of the team and the company and we truly appreciate every step of this journey.

For this reason, this year our teambuilding focused on those 15 years and the lessons we have learned from our challenges over the years.

Our 15th-anniversary teambuilding event was an incredible experience for all of us. We had 2 days filled with teamwork, challenges, learning, and reflection, all centered around the 15 defining characteristics and values that make Adastra the exceptional organization it is today. 

15 Teams, 15 Tasks, Countless Memories

Fifteen teams, each composed of dynamic individuals from various departments, united to tackle tasks that pushed boundaries and fostered creativity. These challenges were a reminder of the power of collaboration in achieving our goals. 

Embedded in the very fabric of Adastra are 15 defining characteristics and values that guide our actions and decisions.  

A Night to Remember: Midnight Celebration

As the sun set on our eventful day, we transitioned into a night of festivities and reflection.  

The event was more than just a celebration. It was a day of forging deeper connections, of learning, and of celebrating the journey that has brought us to this point. As we move forward, we do so with a renewed sense of purpose and an unwavering dedication to continue pushing boundaries in the years ahead. 


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