We started 2024 with three great New Year’s parties. We hosted major celebrations in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, each reflecting on the remarkable year we’ve just bid farewell to.

The past year, 2023, was undeniably one in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) made a significant impact, capturing our collective imaginations and influencing various aspects of our lives. That’s why we decided to theme our New Year Party as “AI Made Me Do This”!

True to the spirit of innovation, we added a playful twist to our celebration. Our employees were challenged to ask AI for fashion and behavior advice – specifically on what not to wear or do at a corporate party. Then, in a delightful turn of events, they were encouraged to do precisely that!

Our Adastrans captured the fun, creating unforgettable memories. They were encouraged to wear anything that represents the AI era to them personally.

It was a celebration that truly illustrated the essence of Adastra: creativity, a fun spirit, and valuing precious time together.

Here’s to another year of innovation and fun! πŸŽ‰






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