Adastra running team at Business runs in Sofia and Varna.

We are happy to share that our Adastra Run team participated in the Sofia Business Run on June 4th , followed by an equally great performance at the Varna Business Run on June 11th. Both events were for charity, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to worthy causes. 

Our teams in Sofia and Varna demonstrated incredible endurance, unwavering persistence, and exceptional sportsmanship. They were more than prepared to face any challenge that came their way, showcasing the true spirit of Adastrans – never giving up easily and pushing through every obstacle with strong determination.

We are proud of our Adastrans who not only showed remarkable physical prowess but also gave an example of good teamwork and fair play. 

Through their participation, we made a positive impact on our communities, supporting worthy causes and demonstrating our commitment to making a difference.

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