Ivelina Dyankova

Would you share a few words about your career journey?

My IT journey is in its early stages, yet I’m eagerly poised to nurture and expand it. Thus far, I’ve embarked on captivating projects, collaborating with exceptional teams to achieve remarkable outcomes. As I forge ahead, I eagerly anticipate fresh challenges, eager to acquire novel techniques and skills.

What advice would you give to women returning to work after maternity leave?

Rejoining the workforce after maternity leave is a journey that traverses a myriad of emotions and challenges. It can feel overwhelming initially, but with time, everything aligns seamlessly. The silver lining lies in recognizing the emergence of two distinct personas within oneself – a transformation that ultimately fortifies our resilience.

How do you manage to balance work and other engagements?

Navigating the intricate dance of planning, schedules, and inevitable adjustments becomes an art form—especially when parenting two little ones. Amidst the delightful surprises that parenthood brings, a steadfast routine emerges as the cornerstone of each day.

If you could send a short message to yourself in the past, before you became a mother, what would it say?

The best is yet to come.

What superpower did you discover in yourself during maternity, and how do you apply it in your work in the IT sector?

Motherhood bestows a remarkable array of superpowers. It grants the strength to endure even at our most vulnerable moments, the ability to become someone’s entire world, and an innate talent for heightened organization. As a mom, we seamlessly weave routines, conjure creativity on the spot, and patiently embrace diverse perspectives. These superpowers extend beyond parenting — they infuse our professional lives. We recognize that every challenge harbors a solution, and our resilience empowers us to explore fresh approaches, listen attentively, and comprehend others’ work processes.

Is there a funny/ weird/ comedic moment from your daily life as a mother and IT professional that you can share, and how has it helped you to look at challenges with a smile?

While my pastime hasn’t yet encountered such challenges, I’m certain they lie ahead. My self-advice? Greet them with a broad smile and a positive mindset. Life continually offers opportunities for growth, so remain open to learning and enriching yourself.