Siana Dzhinsova:

Would you share a few words about your career journey?

I began my career in accounting with a passion for numbers and a keen interest in technology. Joining to company allowed me to merge these interests, where I’ve had the opportunity to apply my accounting skills in a dynamic and innovative environment. Since 2020, I’ve been part of the Finance team at Adastra, and I’m fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues who help me grow both professionally and personally. Over the years, I’ve gained valuable experience in financial analysis and reporting, while also adapting to the fast-paced nature of the tech industry. During motherhood, I missed work, and I’m glad to be able to fulfill my job duties again.

What advice would you give to women returning to work after maternity leave?

Be patient, with effort and enthusiasm, things work out. My favorite quote is:
“If today is difficult for you, breathe! The difficult will pass, the good – never.”

 How do you manage to balance work and other engagements?

Balancing work and other engagements can be challenging but achievable with effective time management and prioritization, mastering multitasking is also viable option. I try to prioritize, but I must admit that in the balance triangle – work, personal life, and sleep – the latter always lacks. What currently helps me with organization is using a planner – this way I manage to keep track of both my work deadlines and meetings, as well as my personal commitments, so I don’t miss anything important. Another method I’m trying to implement is limiting distractions – I turn off unnecessary notifications on my phone or use the Focus time option.

What superpower did you discover in yourself during maternity, and how do you apply it in your work in the IT sector?

Perhaps the superpower I discovered during motherhood is patience. This skill is invaluable and completely applicable in the IT sector for reorganization, improving focus on work and dealing with daily challenges.

Is there a funny/ weird/ comedic moment from your daily life as a mother and IT professional that you can share, and how has it helped you to look at challenges with a smile?

My daily life as a parent is filled with funny moments. A few days ago, I had an important call with colleagues, but my little daughter was sick at home, and I had to give her a toy to keep her attention. I was impressed that she kept quiet for so long, but after the call, I found out that it wasn’t the toy that had captured her attention but the open cupboard with cooking products. She had torn open a package of lentils, which were rolling all over the apartment, along with torn kitchen paper. It’s these funny moments that manage to distract us from the daily tension and remind us to look at challenges with a smile.