We at Adastra recognize that knowledge sharing fosters innovation and it also ensures that our colleagues are armed with more than the basics.

That’s why we have dedicated efforts on building a strong knowledge sharing culture across the whole organization to keep us on the cusp of new trends and technologies.  As a part of such initiatives, we have many internal webinars, trainings, sessions on diverse topics.

One of our recently organized session was focused on the topic “IoT in ACTION – Smart Home”. It was broadcasted to our colleagues and we now share it with you. We believe it can help those of you who want to build customized smart home solutions. Enjoy it!


In this powerful webinar our experts Peter Petroff and Zahari Hristov highlighted on some indoor and outdoor automations. As you may know IoT is one of the cutting-edge technologies recently that has numerous applications. In this session you can get familiar with an interesting part of it, which is related to something that can be applied by all of us who seek to build smart homes.

Kevin Aston is considered as the founder of IoT. He explains IoT like a lot of internet devices all around the world connected to each other while sharing data.

Based on the theory, a lot of experiments and personal experience, our colleagues talked about realization of amazing technical solutions as well as the best practices on the indoor and outdoor innovations that can be powered by IoT.

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