As the old adage, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” suggests, everyone does enjoy their little play, fun and movement after a hectic working day.

That is one of the reasons why we introduced a Walking Challenge that ran 5 weeks and the initiative supported Adastrans to be more active and track their steps weekly so that they recorded their accomplishments over time.

This challenge was exactly on time because of the fact that we are working from our homes and the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that affects our wellbeing.

We had 38 participants who counted their steps regularly. It was impressive how they crushed this challenge! The results exceeded our best expectations.

We were curious to know how they achieved it. 😊 That is why we invited them to join the race for the special Walking Challenge T-Shirts. Some of the participants shared photos with their traditional route and special moments captured when accumulating their steps.

We shared these moments in our new Inside Adastra Facebook page.

Аll of the colleagues who took part in the mini challenge were rewarded with the special T-shirts.

Walking Challenge Winners

The winner of our Walking Challenge is Diana Dimitrova, who broke the pedometer with her remarkable achievement. She received a special prize – a special branded sport bag.


The second place in the ranking is taken from Ivan Ivanov. The third place was won by Kalina Komarevska.

We are happy that we manage to be so active because this is what we need in order to stay healthy.

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