As you already know we have three offices in Bulgaria.
Most of the time we work in teams with colleagues from different locations.

The foundation upon which we build outstanding performance is the great relationship that we succeed to develop with each other.
In life and at work as well, we are often in a hurry to do the things that have to be done and we don’t really find that time to show our gratitude to the ones that help us in that journey.

Inspired by that feeling we decided to transform the month of love into the month of appreciation.

A couple of days before 14th of February, we made the well-known Valentine’s day cards in which we shared special message to our favorite colleagues. The only rule that we had to follow in that challenge was to write the names of the colleagues to whom we wanted to send the message.The names were important so the three Adastrans with the largest number of Valentine’s day cards were awarded as the most beloved colleagues. We used our creativity and had so much fun together by making awesome cards.


On 14th of February the colleagues that got their awards were:

  • Perihan Asanova – Specialist Data Processing, Sofia
  • Velislav Naydenov – Programmer Software Applications, Plovdiv
  • Yoanna Georgieva – Programmer Software Applications, Varna

They all got special mugs with “The most beloved colleagues at Adastra” quote stamped and a bottle of fine wine in the spirit of the Bulgarian holiday of the vine and the wine “St. Trifon Zarezan”.

The rest of the colleagues enjoyed late brunch with special Bulgarian baked breads called pogacha.

Even though they were just three awarded colleagues we all felt valued and appreciated by each other, which was the main and most important purpose.

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