Our team celebrated the beginning of the New Year with two mesmerizing parties – in Sofia and Varna. We welcomed 2023 in a cozy atmosphere at the heats of both cities, where our colleagues got together to catch up, dance and spend a night of laughter and fun. 

Our starry team had the chance to shine with their personal and professional superpowers, in accordance with the theme of the party. Their job was to visualize what they think they’re best at, or what they’re always prized for from their teammates, clients, friends, or family.  

We witnessed a variety of superpowers, enough to form a real-life superhero squad, that we already know our Adastrans to be. With lots of positive thinkers, party animals, cloud gurus and data masters gathered at one place, the good time was certain, and the party went on until the early hours of the night, as the old tradition goes. 

With this great start of the year, our team is now ready to put their superpowers in good use and face lots of new challenges with their emblematic positivity. 

Take a sneak peak in our Facebook page to get a glimpse of the party. ( If you haven’t liked our page yet, it is not too late and you can do it now! “)

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