We all know about the importance of our mental and physical health and the necessity of taking proper care of them for the long term. At Adastra we like to encourage our colleagues’ efforts to take action in the direction of improving their wellness in any way we can. That’s why last year we decided to launch our internal Recharge Program, which focuses on the topics of mental and physical health, our wellbeing and overall welfare.  

The program consists of monthly initiatives, designed to help employees recharge their batteries and feel refreshed, both physically and mentally. It is a chance for the participants to take a break from the daily grind and engage in activities that are beneficial to their mental and physical conditions. 

We’ve given a go of the program with our “Dynamic office” restorative session. Adastrans were introduced to Vanya Visarionova, our partner with whom we work on several topics on our Recharge Program, including this month’s “Active February” initiative. On both of our collaborations, Vanya’s guiding us with the most up-to-date exercises to help us restore, offload, and support the main parts of our body that are stressed when working in a sitting position – the eyes, back, shoulders, neck. 

In November, our partner Velina Getova presented a webinar on the topic: Mindfulness as a practice to deal with anxiety and achieve better focus. She shared with us the key to dealing successfully with the increasing dynamics of our everyday lives – staying focused and calm, here and now. We shared lovely time of calmness and peace together practicing exercises related to breathing, awareness, grounding and focus on the body.  

With the beginning of the new year came the resolutions we love to make. In this regard, we invited Magi Pashova – nutritionist and SOS nutritional therapist to advise us on the topic of “How to eat healthy”. With our discussion we went back to the basics about the principles of a complete and diverse diet and why it is better to bet on it instead of on a restrictive one. We learned how to balance our meals and debunked some popular nutrition myths. It’s more than curious to hear what our next upcoming session with Magi will bring, as well as what the other planned initiatives of the program will unfold.  

At Adastra we aim to provide a supportive and healthy work environment for our colleagues, promote healthy and positive company culture, reduce employees’ stress, and increase their satisfaction. With our Recharge Program employees have the chance to learn new skills that will help them improve their welfare and implement them in their daily life. The program is one of the many ways Adastra demonstrates the commitment to its employees and their wellbeing and we hope it will help our colleagues maintain a good work-life balance, take care of themselves, and improve their overall satisfaction and prosperity both in work and in life. 

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