Svilen Sarkizov is part of our Varna team. He has over 10 years of experience in developing web software projects based on ASP.NET and Microsoft .NET Framework in C#.

Svilen has deep expertise in creating Extract Transform Load (ETL) packages utilizing MS SSIS as well as in developing reports with MS SSRS. Currently he developed and expanded his expertise with Azure.

Read more about his experience in Adastra below.

Svilen, you have been part of the Adastra team in Varna for more than two years. Your previous experience is in the development of web software projects based on ASP.NET and Microsoft .NET Framework in C#. Tell us what made you change your focus?

Well in all fairness I actually started my professional career with Object Pascal, Delphi IDE and SQL Server, since then I have been diving in different opportunities that led me to different technologies. You might say that the only consistent thing throughout my career is SQL Server. I have not changed my focus so much as found my interest in Extracting Transforming and Loading data, as well as Cloud Technologies which was presented to me as an opportunity by Adastra. Those two things go hand in hand in Microsoft’s Azure. I sometimes get an itch to write some code and I have had such opportunities in going back to .NET to create web sites for clients or write some Python code to support automated storages.

How can you describe your work at Adastra so far?

So far I would say it’s been interesting and busy, there is always something new that grabs your attention, always some new opportunity lurking behind the corner and I am interested in taking them all on, unfortunately for me there are not that many working hours in the week, thus I have to pick the ones that most intrigue me.

Among various interesting projects there is always the professional development that is presented by Adastra, that might not just be in sharpening your professional knowledge like Certification Exams and trainings but also sharpening your soft skills in training younger or new colleagues or presenting a topic at a convention.

You have worked on various projects for clients in different industries. Share with us some of the technologies you have worked with.

During my career I have worked in different industries which involved a lot of communication between the development teams and industry professionals which gave me an insight of their businesses. I like to understand the business inside-out, that helps me provide a better solution for the client.

Various industries required work with projects that include a wide range of technologies, from Databases through backend programming all the way to frontend including building web sites and services.

I have experience with different technologies such as Java, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Object Pascal but mainly with Microsoft technologies: SSIS, SSRS, C#, .NET, ASP .NET, MVC, C/C++, T-SQL and as of current Azure.

Could you share a little more about an interesting project or case with Azure.

Azure is a very vast collection of services, from Data warehouse up to machine learning and No SQL Data Bases all the way to Serverless computing and many more.

Working for Adastra there have been many clients with different interests, and I have been through most of the services creating tailored solutions for different businesses. The most common case we have identified with clients is that they want to migrate their CAPEX systems to an OPEX model, usually this is a classic case of Extract Transform Load (ETL) but Azure provides us with a bit of a twist on this classic model which is Extract Load Transform (ELT) it is easily achievable with services like Data Factory and Synapse Analytics.

Our goal usually is to build a solution for the client and switch from their old systems to the new model without them having to deal with huge changes or complicated maintenance. We have developed training courses in Adastra Academy that prepare the new Adastra consultants for the most common case scenarios we face in Azure and we are always happy to share our knowledge amongst colleagues, after all we are one big working family.

Have you been thinking about your next professional development step?

Yes, I have. Recently I have been leading different teams in some very interesting projects and also working with management to help improve and scale solution building in order to better consult our clients and present them with a tailored solution for their business.

Continuing this train of thought I’ve always been interested in the management role, at this point of my career I feel that I am ready to try and take a step towards that goal if an opportunity is to present itself. In the short term I am planning to finish obtaining the Azure Data Engineer Associate certificate, which was presented to me as an opportunity from Adastra, as well as broaden my horizon in Python and Machine Learning as part of my professional career path.


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