Martenitsi workshop inside Adastra Bulgaria.


In the good traditions of our company, we again combined creativity, skill and charitability to have fun while doing good. We decided to not only follow the beginning of March Bulgarian tradition – gifting “Martenitsas”, but to also make them ourselves. Our colleagues accepted the challenge to buy and sell the Martenitsi to support a great cause while having fun!

Our challenge for this special Bulgarian holiday consisted of 3 stages:

The Preparation

The first stage was related to the preparation. Our colleagues found different materials – red and white yarn, twisted string, as well as all kinds of beads, which helped them  unleash their imagination and create beautiful martenitsi. It was so inspirational to watch such a craftsmanship in action.

The Charity Bazaar

The second stage was the Charity Bazaar itself, held during one of our monthly events called “Welcome & Cake party”. All creations were exhibited to our exciting teammates. We all had fun together in the name of “Baba Marta” and had the chance to buy one of these handcrafted martenitsi. ?

The Noble Cause

Choosing a cause to support is always emotional experience. We believe that every talent should be developed and encouraged to grow without limits. That is why, all the collected funds (1516.10 BGN) were donated to the School of Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children “Dimitar Ekimov” in the village of Rusalya.


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