Kristian Krusev, BI Developer at Adastra Ruse.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Kristian, but people call me Kris. I am used to it, and I seem to prefer it.

In the university I travelled a lot and worked in the tourism and hospitality sector which helped me build good communication skills, perfect my English, and meet interesting people from all around the world.

Later on, I graduated from the University of Ruse with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial management and before Adastra I’ve worked for companies in the manufacturing sector.

I’ve always been a very tech savvy person – good with computers and software. Thus all topics related to these were actually my hobbies. With time, when my friends started working in the IT field, they started telling me interesting stories about exciting projects and helped me gain the confidence I needed to reinvent myself as an IT Professional.


What do you do at Adastra?

I am a and so far, most of my time goes to exploring the T-SQL language and upgrading my knowledge in Data warehouses using Adastra’s internal learning platform. Mastering these IT skills, in combination with my experience and knowledge, should allow me to provide excellent results at my job very soon.


Why did you choose to work and live in Ruse?

Ruse is my birthplace and hometown so I will always be connected to it. We’ve got nice walking alleys with coffee shops at the city center which connect to both a big green park area and the recently renovated river bay. I believe there is a bit of something for everyone to do in Ruse. The unique experience is that you could literally spend your day working outside on a bench or a coffee shop and not be bothered by anything or anyone as it’s quiet and never too crowded.


How long have you been at Adastra?

Just over a month.


How does it feel to work in Adastra?

Amazing. I spent my first three days in Adastra’s Varna office. My teammates and the office itself were just great. Everyone was welcoming, happy, and ready to help.


What did you learn at Adastra?

T-SQL and Data Warehouses.


What else would you like to learn?

All I could get my hands on – I love learning new technologies.


Have you thought about your next professional career step

Not really, it’s just too soon as I recently joined Adastra. However, I am sure I can grow and develop my professional career at Adastra as I saw how many different technologies are being crafted in the welcoming presentation.


Which is the most valuable skillset you have acquired at Adastra?

Understanding of data modeling and its design concepts.


What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I spend time with my family but occasionally I watch movies, go out with friends for a beer or take a walk in the above-mentioned places in Ruse.


What do you like at Adastra?

So far, the things I can quote for sure are the internal platform for education, the benefits package, and the great colleagues I’ve had contact with. I truly appreciate all of it.


How would you describe Adastra to a friend?

A great company to work at, large pool of interesting technologies, and cool teammates to work with.


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