This year we decided to organize an event specially dedicated to all the women in Adastra that will support them in the challenging process of showing love and acceptance to ourselves. Because we believe that although International Women`s day is 1 day out of 365 which means 0,0027 % of the whole year, we need to show care and attention in a consistent manner. 

With the help of an external specialist and practitioner we developed a special session called “How to support the women`s strength with the help of essential oils?”. 

The session leader had her past in the IT sector and shared her experience in the world of essential oils using analogies аs Yang and Yin, as well as Shiva and Shakti for getting a deeper understanding on the woman`s nature and qualities. Then she shared her fundamental knowledge what essential oils are alongside their characteristics. 

She demonstrated how to recognize superior quality essential oils, the main ways of use and application. Maybe the most interesting part was the recommendations which essential oils can be used based on occasion, skin, and hair type or as a substitute for the harmful widespread perfumes. 

Finally, some of the everyday applications of essential oils included suggestions for creativity, focus, and anti-stress.  

In the end, there was a closing Q & A session where Adastrans had the opportunity to address their questions to the lecturer and thank her for the useful, and inspiring session. 

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