How Our Newbies Become Adastrans.

Anyone, who has ever started a new job, can appreciate how difficult it is to get “settled in.” So much information to absorb, so many new rules, systems, and workarounds to learn. And so little time to get up to speed.

We believe that an effective onboarding process is essential to the success of the entire organization. That’s why we also build up plans that support the new teammates adapt well early on.

Here are several of our regular practices and initiatives supporting newbies in Adastra…

During the first day new starters walk through our „Welcome for Newcomers sessions“. These are 90-min sessions handled by our colleague Zhaneta Dimova from the HR team. She speaks about Adastra’s business model, organizational structure and culture as well as our business operations. In addition to that, newcomers get orientation about the company rules and our compliance policies.

a screenshot of the onboarding session inside Adastra.

At the end of each session there is an informal discussion together.

After the welcome sessions each new starter has dedicated meetings with their personal mentor and the initial training program is built up. Normally each newcomer covers a dedicated training program „Fit for Adastra“. It includes several trainings that cover the core areas valid for all Adastra consultants.

For me, the introduction of employees is truly important. In this process, the employer’s commitment continues as well as to make new people feel welcome and appreciated. Our sessions always go differently, depending on the group of people, the positions or the experience of each of them, but in the end, they end with smiles and thanks for the time, both from my side and from theirs. We keep our door open if newbies need more help or they don’t know who to ask for something. A warm welcome and a personal touch are very important for us. I try to present the information as I would want to hear it if I had to go to a new place. To feel at home.

Zhaneta Dimova | HR Business partner

After 3 to 6 months, our new teammate should understand what it is like to work for Adastra and that’s why have an Onboarding surveys measuring the experience for new employees that help Adastra leaders and HR team to improve the onboarding and new-hire process.

This way we foster a smooth on-boarding process and which ensures a seamless integration of our newbies into their new team.


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