We had a powerful kickoff for the new wave of our leadership program, “Lead 4 Impact 2.0,” that began last week.

We are preparing the next generation of leaders with the flexibility and skills needed to navigate the changing environment, tackle challenges in projects, and become ambassadors for new values and mindsets.

The program started with a deep dive into the Adastra business model, than participants experienced some of the challenges in project leadership and learning best practices in people management.

Throughout the training, leaders were actively engaged in simulations and role-plays that focused on coaching, negotiations, and conflict resolution. Designed to enrich participants’ behavioral models and refine their leadership skills, the program seeks to expand their perspectives and foster mutual learning.

This session, held live in our Sofia office, sparked extensive discussions and insights among the group of attendees This extensive exchange of ideas shows how much we value bringing together forward-thinking leaders who can make a difference in our company and beyond.

We’re committed to helping our Leaders to reach their potential by encouraging them to lead with purpose, resilience, and innovation.


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