Congratulations to our Data Engineer Interns for completing the Adastra Internship Program.

We started our Summer Internship program back in July with 11 bright talents that were passionate about Information Management. Not only this Internship filled the gap between theory and practice in the Data Engineering area, but also paved the way for the start of their exciting IT career. The program covered Advanced SQL courses, Python programming, Cloud expertise, Data quality and processing, Data visualization and Quality assurance trainings.

The students acquired basic knowledge in programming, data structures, and object-oriented programming (OOP). The objectives of the Program is to help the professional development of enthusiasts with fundamental knowledge in data governance field and to support those who want to start working on real projects in a fast run.

This Summer Internship 2021 lasted three months, supported by dedicated mentors to every Intern who guided and assisted them in their professional growth. The interns successfully completed the program and after officially accepting their job offers they started their way as junior consultants. The vast majority of them have already started working on real projects.


The Voice of Interns Who Became Adastrans

We asked our interns to share their thoughts about the program, their experiences and how the program has influenced their career and technical preparation.

Data Engineering internship inside Adastra.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Plamen K.

Thank you for the exciting opportunity at Adastra Bulgaria. It was an excellent learning experience that allowed me to confirm my interest in pursuing a career as a Quality Assurance specialist. From day one, you made me feel like a valuable member of your technology team. Your hands-on training gave me so many skills, and I’m grateful for what has been done for me during these incredible three months.


Gergana G.

The Information Management internship was very well systematized, thanks to which I gained experience with BI tools. This experience was very useful for my career. I had the opportunity to touch every unit in the company, which was important for me to find my passion in the practice of Business Intelligence. Now, I truly know that I want to develop myself in this direction.


Denka A.

During the internship I had the opportunity to explore the different aspects of data processing and work with various technologies. Thanks to the personal approach by Adastra and my mentor, I chose the most suitable path according to my strengths and weaknesses. I gained valuable hands-on experience which gave me a solid base for my future career development.


Aleksandar K.

The Information Management internship was extremely helpful to me, as it gave me an insight into what working with data is really like and how important is to work in collaboration with others to achieve a common goal or task. It was well organized and the experience I had in the internship expanded my knowledge in Databases and SQL as well as other technologies related to the Data Warehouse consulting field.

Dimitar T.

Thanks to Adastra’s Internship Program, I received first-hand experience in ETL testing, BI testing and various tools which I was not familiar with before. This experience is so beneficial for me because I got to see the communication path of a real QA team and how the professionals work in term of skills and ethics.

I am happy that I had and have the opportunity to see how real-world projects are being carried and to be part of something big.


Petyo D.

My internship experience in Adastra increased my knowledge in different technologies and gave me the opportunity to operate with different tools. I got familiar with the work atmosphere in Adastra and it gave me the chance to get an expertise in the materials which were most interesting for me. I developed many skills and have now a much better concept of what to expect after the end of the internship. The biggest advantage was the experience that I received and that I enjoyed practicing what I studied for.


Silvi R.

As an intern in the Adastra Summer Internship Program, I managed to learn a lot more about different tools and technologies and how they are implemented in the real business world. The course focused on giving base knowledge on several fields of expertise while successfully balancing the load of new information. Being surrounded by a great mentor and colleagues, dedicated to helping me face the new challenges was a key factor in my personal and career growth. That is why I decided to continue my journey with Adastra!


Plamen I.

I finished the internship program successfully soon. The program is extensive with a lot of information. I learned a lot and keep learning. I quit my job to join the program because it is a great start of my career. The trainers are professionals and friendly as well, so the training went very well.


Martin Y.

My internship at Adastra was my first career step and it was the best choice I could make. The professional attitude and the responsive colleagues helped me dive deep into the information management and learn the fundamentals, but also specifics, in PL/SQL, ETL operations, business intelligence, QA and many others. All the courses and tasks have built a very solid base for my future professional career.


We are constantly on the lookout for young, passionate talent, willing to gain invaluable real-life experience in a wide range of industries.

The best professionals are welcomed into the Adastra team.

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