Cloud Data Analytics Meetup in Ruse, Adastra IT consultants in Ruse.

Last week was special! We felt so honored to be hosting a Cloud Data Analytics Meetup at Dunav Plaza Hotel in Ruse.

Peter Mendev, AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, and Ehab Abdelmonem, Microsoft Azure Practice Lead, presented how companies can accelerate innovation by designing data processing systems in the cloud.

Data analytics is a topic of utmost importance for organizations which strive to gain better insights into their own performance and make data-driven informed decisions. The Cloud provides such organizations with a wide range of services and a whole new world of opportunities and chances for innovation, digitalization, and success.

Having spent a considerable amount of my life in Ruse during high school and university, visiting this beautiful city once again felt like going back home! I was so glad to be able to meet the IT professionals and have quite interesting conversations with them. The IT society in Ruse has really been growing in the recent years and I am sincerely happy that Adastra will become a part of this process and will allow more and more people to have the chance to either start their IT career or further grow it in the city they call ‘home’!

Peter Mendev | AWS Cloud Solutions Architect at Adastra

Peter Mendev, AWS Cloud Solutions Architect at Adastra portrait photo.

It was such a pleasure to meet so many IT enthusiast in Ruse. Their interest in cloud analytics inspired us for a long networking session. At the end, they were all satisfied because it helped them:

  • Understand the role of data in the success of business organizations.
  • Get familiar with some of the most common Data Analytics solutions.
  • Learn how Cloud Services are changing the Data Analytics world.
  • Find out more about the use-cases and success stories of our customers.

The meetup event in Ruse was a great chance to meet talented people from the IT community in Ruse. We were able to talk more about Cloud Data Analytics, and exchange knowledge and experience. I’m glad I had the chance to participate in such an event and present part of what we do in Adastra.

Ehab Abdelmonem | Microsoft Azure Practice Lead at Adastra

Ehab Abdelmonem, Azure Practice Lead at Adastra portrait photo.

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