We know that each of us juggles between home duties and work and always tries to combine them in the best possible way. One of the activities that occupies a part of our daily lives is cooking. For some of us it is just an everyday duty but for others it might be a favorite hobby.

That’s why we challenged our colleagues to share some of their culinary temptations.

Some of the colleagues shared their Masterchef’s skills in the kitchen and totally blowed us away. There were amazing desserts, salty temptations and some extraordinary culinary creations. They looked so good that we were a bit envy because we only watched it through our screens.

We shared the photos on our Facebook page so that more people could see them and vote for the culinary masterpiece they liked the most.

The winners of the challenge were the colleagues whose photos received the most Facebook reactions.

All artworks and photos from #ChoosetobeChallengedbyCulinary will be styled and collected in the Adastra E-Cookbook.

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