Children's Day celebration inside Adastra - image for social media sharing.

This June we celebrated little Adastrans and the joy they bring with 3 exciting events in Varna, Plovdiv, and Sofia.

It was awesome! We experienced so many smiles and felt so happiness and magic! We had lots of games, magic tricks, and dances for both the children and the grown-up Adastrans. The little ones even won over adults in rope-pulling competition which left us astonished. Upcoming summer plans were also shared over drinks and some delicious snacks.

Varna, June 04

In the beginning of June, we had our first event to celebrate little Adastrans and the joy they bring. Our celebration spot was in the Sea Garden which provided everyone with a great sea view and perfect green grass to have fun around. There were a variety of games, followed by enchanting magic tricks and dances performed by Mini and Mickey Mouse.


Plovdiv, June 11

Children`s Day in Plovdiv was magical despite the unexpected rainy weather. The kids participated in some tricks where white rabbit and pigeon appeared from thin air. The performance of the magician was breathtaking and the whole day was an event to remember!


Sofia, June 12

In the middle of June, we hosted the third event in Sofia. It was so great and the rain didn`t discourage all Adastrans to enjoy several hours full of joy, playfulness, and excitement. The kids had a football field to run free on and participate in many games that were specially prepared for them.


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