Today we officially announce our intention to extend Adastra’s presence and open a new IT hub in Ruse!

We purposefully chose Ruse to continue to develop our operations, because we believe in the technical potential of the city, and want to enable local IT talents to grow, given the good foundations that have been established by the University of Ruse and international business.

Our intention is to support and collaborate with the University of Ruse on building talent, and we are also planning a series of tech events, to engage and share knowledge with the local IT community.

With remote work being the new norm, we know that many people prefer to work from home, but at the same time crave going to the office occasionally, to collaborate with colleagues and like-minded people, and hold meetings in person instead of online. Providing this opportunity to work from your own city, instead of working only remotely, is the goal behind focusing on a dedicated location in Ruse.

This is a distinctive stage of our expansion and a key checkpoint in the growth of Adastra Bulgaria.  We want to create a Data-oriented community, that will upskill people, who are eager to develop in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Engineering, and Cloud data solutions.

Help us achieve it!

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