Adastra cloud data internship in Varna begins.

We just kicked-off our Cloud Data Internship program with the first group of six talents at our locations in Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse.

For the second year in the row, Adastra is hosting a 12-week internship program designed for last year students or fresh grads to explore careers in Data and Cloud technologies.

This year, our interns will get a chance to gain experience in SQL, Data Warehouse, Project Management, and Cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP). The students will also acquire basic knowledge in programming, data structures, and object-oriented programming. The program also includes Consulting skills and soft skills training.

All of our Interns are eager to take deep dive in the world of data management and Cloud engineering.

Cloud Data Internship Objectives

The main objectives of the Program is to give students exposure to a wide variety of technologies, help the professional development of enthusiasts with fundamental knowledge in data governance field and to support those who want to start working on real projects in a fast run.

The program is supported by our Sr ETL Consultant Boris Banev who is the leader of the program and their mentor. The interns who successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to start their way as junior consultants at Adastra.

We offer our Interns a positive and supportive environment where they can explore the working world and ignite their passion for Data and Cloud computing. Our Program is designed to provide Interns the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and build fundamental knowledge in data and cloud that support our mission for contributing value to our clients.


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