Beauty, art, cookies, and good hearts for our Christmas bazaar

Christmas is the season of giving, not only spreading the joy when we give presents but also supporting people in need. Christmas season has arrived in all Adastra offices with the desire to help others and society.

  • When our hobbies and workplace meet… the results are rewarding.
  • When we put together our intriguing minds into action… it creates one blissful day.
  • When we combine good hearts with a good cause… it inspires goodness and willingness to help others.

And with all of that, just two weeks before Christmas, we organized our traditional Christmas Charity Bazaar for all office locations. The noble cause that united us was to help Yordana.

It was one of the most memorable and inspiring events in 2019 for all Adastrans. Our teammates prepared handmade stuff such as pastries, cookies, and other delicious traditional Christmas desserts. In addition, they crafted Christmas cards and unique extravagant handmade souvenirs.

Thanks to the teamwork and desire to help, we raised an impressive amount of 3484 BGN that were donated to Yordana.

We would like to heartily thank all colleagues for their time and effort supporting that cause. You are the best!


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