A company-wide soft skills training program was delivered in Adastra.

We successfully completed a company-wide soft skills training program for all Adastra consultants and leaders called “Winning interaction in а consulting profile“. It has been focused on sharpening communication skills, building flexibility in collaboration, and addressing challenging situations with our clients.

The training program was tailored to accommodate the everyday interactions with our customers, their expectations for bespoke consultancy, and the connection between IT and their business specifics.

All consultants covered interactive modules such as:

  • Presenting with Influence
  • Sharpening Business Communication
  • Emphasizing on Listening and Empathy
  • Assertive, Passive, and Aggressive Communication
  • Practice Module

Soft skills training program inside Adastra.

All modules were full of many action-oriented learning activities and simulations. The training program itself was based on learning through experience and sharing real-life examples.

Another customized training program with additional focus on coaching skills and their role on building proper skills for client interactions have been recently delivered to our talent and senior managers. The program accommodated the leading by example and expert-oriented leadership skills for client interactions and IT consulting.

One of Adastra’s top priorities is to continuously provide opportunities for professional and personal growth of our teammates while their main driver is the opportunity to be involved in complex and innovative projects in data management and digital data solutions for global clients.

We will continue to actively support knowledge-sharing by organizing many learning initiatives – from mentorship programs, through technology and soft skill trainings, as well as internal initiatives and assignments for role’s enrichment.

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